Top mattress

A top mattress should have the following features:

The right anatomy: The ability of the mattress to embrace the body. This unique sense of warmth a mattress can offer you.

Orthopedic: The ability of the mattress to support the spine and maintain its natural alignment, through its firmness and the combination of the materials used for its manufacture.

Hygiene: Sleep is a substantial parameter for a healthy life. Consequently, the materials used for the creation of a mattress should secure exactly that. The proper mattress is made of natural materials, with the minimum environmental impact, and it’s free of microorganisms that might affect your health.

Durability: The selection of materials that bear international quality certification, the way they co-exist within a mattress, as well as the quality control define the durability of the mattress through time.

All these properties in the construction of the Linea Strom mattresses are harmonically interconnected, leave their own mark in the industry for over 50 years and guarantee a high quality of life for those you choose them.

Linea Strom welcomes you to her family of mattresses.